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After selling a successful people intensive staffing business after 26 years, I knew that this next chapter in my midlife was an important one for me. I absolutely knew it would be about the human potential, the heart, what we are capable of and its resilience. I have always been interested in the Human Potential, how we can actualize it and what it takes at any age, situation and circumstance to achieve the life we know we deserve and long for. It does not matter if it is personal or professional. We can shift, reinvent, recover, and guess what, we can thrive! We can find that secret sauce within us that will make our lives juicy, fun, adventurous and even find love as we go through midlife and beyond. At this time in my life, I am making it my business to Coach and/or Mentor some of the most interesting people in the world… You… People in MidLife Reinvention. Why are you the most interesting? Because, you have had a whole half or so of a life full of experiences, wisdom, joys, successes, failures, losses and adventures that have brought you to this point in your life.

What I know is that you are ready for more… You have come to a point that you may need some help navigating through this next chapter in your life. You are wise enough to know that it takes a little bit of strategy on your part to use that wisdom you have gained and put it into beautiful action.

Have you looked at your past with joy or have you looked at some of your life knowing that if you don’t make certain changes now, that it may never happen…. Ask yourself, if not now, when? Throughout my life I have been interested and participated in many life-expanding experiences with some of the most impactful human potential modalities that have assisted me in my personal and business life and I have been forever changed by it. You will have a Coach that is on solid ground and knows what is at stake here… your life. This is what I know… whether the decisions, insights or actions you make, or take, whether they be big or small… you have what it takes to achieve it.

You will have a Coach that is on solid ground
and knows what is at stake here... Your Life.

Ask yourself, if not now when? Listen to your heart which is the most intelligent and courageous part of who we are… trust it. Is it nudging you? Remember to listen. It knows the way to your happiness.